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Gorgeous Gems Design

GorgeousGemsDesign handcrafts colorful, unique and affordable jewelry for women who love filling their lives with color, joy, laughter and light.  Started in mid-2019, GorgeousGemsDesign is the passion of self-taught jewelry artist, Susan Scott-Ker.  Her jewelry reflects her own love of colorful gemstones and pearls, and her designs range from delicate wire work to bold Statement pieces. Susan’s jewelry features interesting stone and color combinations, one-of-a-kind and custom designs. Susan crafts her jewelry from her home in Harlem, New York, sourcing her materials from India, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Singapore as well as America.  

While having lived in New York for 25 years, Susan is originally from New Zealand.  “We used to joke that we lived at the bottom of the world - next stop Antarctica”.  She has travelled widely - both for pleasure and during her 30 year career working for global IT and Consulting companies — living for extended periods in Australia, India, Egypt, the U.K. and America.  Her passion for gemstones started with the purchase of two cornflower blue Sapphires from a mine in Sri Lanka during a 6 month back-packing trip through Asia in the early ’90s.  It’s continued ever since.

“The inspiration for my jewelry designs comes from my garden or memories of places I’ve traveled to.  I see the gorgeous jewel-toned colors of flowers or remember the way the light shimmers in the desert or on the sea.  I dream of color combinations and the organic textures and flow of gemstones and pearls, and how they contrast or work together.”